About me


Hi! I am Debora, Brazilian, 26, proudly graduated in Marketing (Mackenzie University – Brazil) and ex Au Pair, currently living in California  – USA.



23, Recently graduated with a full-time job in a big company, I was actually doing good in my comfort zone, but I felt that I needed something else.

I had spent the last 4 years in college, studying and working with no break, or vacation time, making enough just to pay my college tuition, I could not afford anything else. But life would be better holding a bachelor degree than not holding one, so I kept going, until I finally graduated and life got a little better, not so much how I expected.

Time was passing by and I was seeing all my dreams going away, and I thought was time to make decisions to change that scenario, that was when I decided to apply for the Au Pair program. I needed to take some time out of everything, live more and different experiences, get to know another culture, grow as a person, investing in myself.

My life has changed a lot since I have moved to the USA, yes, it was the best decision I have ever made, but it was not like I expected, here I have lived many fun moments, but challenging moments as well, which made me grow a lot as a person.

After living here in the USA for 2 years as an Au Pair, I have spent my days writing about my journey. I believe that sharing some of my experience I will be able to inspire or help current and future Au Pairs to achieve their own goals.

I love traveling, talking to people, getting to know new places, studying new languages and working out, haha sometimes necessary!!

This blog represents everything that I have learned during my Au Pair experience.

I started this project aiming to show my perspective about the Au Pair’s process, from choosing the agency until the final decision. What to do when the program ends.

So here I provide tips, guidance, things that I have learned throughout the time I was an Au Pair, thankfully I have met good people who have helped me out a lot which made total difference for me, so I hope that my blog can make a difference in your life too!!

Take a look in my calendar of posts.

Enjoy it! 🙂